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This is to serve as a reference letter for the work Lawrence Jarman performed at our facility. They retrofitted our current fixtures in our manufacture area to LED T5s and provided us with LED T8s for our offices.

They provided us a quote with attractive payback and verified it with our local utility provider. They also worked with our local utility provider to get us on a better utility rate. They were proficient and started on the day they said they would start and completed on their estimated completion date. Their install team was courteous and worked around our normal business during the day and stayed into the night to complete the job.

Our lighting quality has improved tremendously, and our employees have been very complimentary of the new lights.
We continue to use them for our lighting needs and I can recommend Lawrence Jarman as a qualified LED lighting company.

Bill Remel
Habasit America



On behalf of Swift Atlanta, I would like to thank Lawrence Jarman for replacing our lights to LED and conducting a rate comparison. This is a company that provides LED lighting and rate analysis. Not only do they offer energy efficient lighting to help reduce electrical costs, but they also ran an energy rate analysis to assess exactly how much we were currently paying, and how much we could save by changing to a better rate with our power provider.

I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first but what we have saved over the last year was amazing (over $45,000.00). 


Swift Atlanta is proud to have an ongoing relationship with Lawrence Jarman. To anyone interested in finding somewhere to save money for any business, reducing energy costs should be your first step, and Lawrence Jarman should be your first call.

Jim Kinney

Swift Atlanta



In a fine jewelry gallery, lighting is critical. We had wanted to transition to LED lighting for the last few years, but could not find the fixtures that would accommodate our tall ceilings. Lawrence Jarman dropped in for a visit and was immediately able to identify our challenges and suggest a workable solution. He provided a bid that was so reasonable that we made the decision to convert to LED lighting, not only in our showroom, but in all of our work areas, offices, parking area and building.


In a matter of weeks, Lawrence and his team returned for the installation. They were efficient, very knowledgeable about electrical matters and thorough. It was clear that our satisfaction was their number one priority. In addition to the work to be performed, they saw other issues that needed to be addressed with some of our exterior fixtures and took it upon themselves to do the repairs - at no additional cost to us.


Prior to the installation, we had well over 300 halogen and metal halide fixtures, just in the showroom alone, which resulted in constant maintenance and heat issues. We now have a fraction of the fixtures, better and more vibrant lighting, much less maintenance, and there's no heat from the fixtures. We anticipate a significant reduction of our monthly electric bill, less wear-and-tear on our air conditioning system, and a much less frequent need to change

the bulbs.


Needless to say, we are thrilled, and would highly recommend Lawrence Jarman if you have any interest in improving your lighting or reducing your electrical costs.


Bill Campbell

President, McCaskill & Company



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