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Save with LED's Services Include:

1.  Obtaining historical utility billing and load this information into Save with LED's comprehensive, energy saving system.
2.  Performing a utility bill audit comparing the present rate to all available rates that the power company has to offer.
3.  If a better rate is found, we will implement that rate change with the power supplier.
4.  For natural gas, we will work with several gas suppliers. When we price your gas intake, you'll get the best price per term.


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1. Power

We perform a risk free energy audit. It is as simple as retaining a copy of your electric bill. We conduct a thorough audit to compare current usage to make sure you have the correct rate for your business model. If a more favorable rate is found, we will work with your power provider on your behalf to secure that new rate for you. (Some providers have dozens of rates and riders). At the same time we look for any billing errors, if any are found, we can work directly with your power provider to obtain a refund or credit for such errors. This is a free service, and it is what sets Save with LED apart from our competitors.


2. Gas

We also will look at your natural gas bill. We have many gas partners, so we can get you the best price possible. In many cases, we have saved our clients over 50% on their bill. This also is a free service.


3. Lighting Retrofit

Through the analysis of your power usage, we can accurately determine the amount you are being charged per kilowatt. This information will then be used to perform an accurate lighting saving summary. This is fundamental as the analysis performed is critical in providing you, the business owner, a correct return of investment (ROI). ROI is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. To calculate ROI, the benefit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.


That is what sets Save with LED ahead of the competition ... helping clients have a brighter future!




It is much easier to convince a business to invest in a project with environmental benefits if it will save the business money. Lighting retrofit projects often fit into that category, especially in the case of industrial buildings.


Typically, in a well-designed project, lighting energy costs can be reduced by 40% to 60%, and sometimes even more. These savings are achieved by a combination of replacing the primary working components within lighting fixtures (i.e. newer energy-efficient lamps and ballasts), redesigning fixtures for a different configuration of lamps, ballasts, and reflectors, and replacing the existing components with new, more energy efficient ones. Additional savings may be seen by installing occupancy sensors, so that light is automatically turned off when no one is in the area.


In addition, a lighting retrofit project can save a business on maintenance costs - both material and

labor. This is achieved through using a combination of products that have longer lives and/or a reduced number of components.


The cost effectiveness of a lighting project is, of course, directly influenced by the number of hours that the lights are actually used. If a factory has many lights, but they are only turned on for one shift, then the savings may not warrant the cost of upgrading. The longer the factory's lights stay on, equals the greater the energy saving opportunity.




While most businesses base lighting retrofit project decisions partially on financial criteria, some may add improved light levels or light quality into the decision making. The goal in lighting retro-fit design is to achieve an appropriate balance between energy savings and light quantity/quality. Environmental benefits are also a significant part of the decision making process.


The current industrial rebate program provides sufficient incentives to "buy down" the project costs to a level that meet many businesses' payback requirements. These incentives achieve the desired result by encouraging many businesses to replace older inefficient lighting components with state-of-the-art technologies, and save millions of kilowatts hours of electricity annually.




Business lighting upgrades are a great win-win for the economy and the environment. On the economic side, business owners can cut cost, become more competitive, and offer a healthier workplace for their employees. Companies like Save with LED that offer lighting retrofit services, provide jobs for electricians, project managers, administrative and sales people. We also rent lifts, utilize regular disposal companies and EPA-authorized hazardous waste handlers (to recycle lamps and PCB ballasts), and provide business to finance companies.


The environment wins because substantially cutting the demand for electricity in businesses significantly reduces the need to build more oil, coal, and nuclear power plants with the associated air pollution, global warming, and radiation hazards. Reducing energy demand and generating energy in a cleaner, more efficient manner are the two sides of the sustainable energy coin.



All Save with LED Products carry an extended parts and labor warranty. No more wasted time, dragging out ladders and replacing light bulbs. If you have an issue, contact Save with LED and we will address your needs. We currently offer a 5 year warranty on our bulbs, and we stand behind our products.