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Welcome to Save with LED!

At Save with LED, our goal is to save you money and to offer economical alternative lighting that is environmentally friendly. We use state-of-the-art LED technology, provide energy audits, lighting retrofits and replacements.


At Save with LED, we strive to go above and beyond to offer you the kind of service you deserve. It all begins with a tour of your facility to assess your needs and a complimentary energy audit to determine how we could save you the most money. We make it simple to save!


Our Mission

At Save with LED, we use our expertise and research to provide our clients with some of the most cost-effective and reliable, energy savings products on the market today. From energy saving LED to Induction lighting, we provide economical alternative lighting sources. This allows our clients the freedom of being energy independent while providing environmentally responsible options for sustainable energy and creating less impact on our planet. What is good for your business is also good for the environment ... less power consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions through fewer fossil fuel consumed.


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"They were efficient, very knowledgeable about electrical matters and thorough..."

-Bill Campbell, President

McCaskill & Company



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